DC Comics artist Jason Fabok has provided an update on his and writer Geoff Johns' upcoming Black Label title Batman: Three Jokers, hinting that a release date could be announced relatively soon.

Fabok was asked by a fan on Twitter if he could speak to how far along he was in the process of drawing the comic, to which the artist replied, "Halfway, which means close to a release date."

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Fabok went on to explain just how much detail was going into his artwork for Three Jokers, saying, "These pages are taking me twice as long as any other project I've done. No cutting corners. It a scene asks me to draw 20 cops... I'm drawing them, in all panels... every detail. I want to give the readers my everything."

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Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's Batman: Three Jokers will be released in three 46-page issues under DC's Black Label imprint for mature readers. It will reportedly tie into main DC continuity to explain the Rebirth-era mystery of how three different versions of the Joker exist in main DC continuity. In addition to Batman, the miniseries will star Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd, both of whom have a dark history with the Joker.

The release date for Batman: Three Jokers has not been announced.

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