In Game of Thrones episode "The Door," Hodor bravely held back dozens of wights in order to save Bran and Meera. Eventually, the wights succeeded in ending the gentle giant's life, just as we discovered how it was that the Stark servant was turned from the humble stableboy Wylis into Hodor. As it turns out, Hodor was initially planned to appear as a wight later on down the road, along with fallen wildling Karsi.

The Art of Game of Thrones, which collects storyboard and concept art, shows that Hodor was supposed to appear among the Army of the Dead. Storyboard artist William Simpson's work also reveals that Karsi was originally intended to be one of the wildlings marching toward the Wall in the Season 7 premiere.

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Karsi, who was introduced in "Hardhome," was killed in that same episode and added to the Night King's army as well. Early interviews suggested there was a possibility that she would return as a wight later on, though that too never came to fruition.

With the fall of the Night King in the Season 8 episode "The Long Night," it's highly unlikely we will ever see these characters again -- living, undead or otherwise. However, fans will be able to see original plans for them in the art book, which is now available for pre-order.

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