Adult Swim has announced that Primal will be Genndy Tarakovsy's first post-Samurai Jack series and has already released a brief, brutal trailer for the upcoming show.

The show centers around a caveman at the early stages of humanity and a dinosaur towards the end of their existence on Earth. The two slowly form a bond and are forced work together to survive the incredibly violent world they've both been born into.

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The series seems to embrace the darker aspects of the newest Samurai Jack season and take it even further, with the teaser already showing the main character relentlessly stabbing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. On top of that, the teaser seems to include bloodthirsty wolf packs, dinosaur fights and a whole lot of beautiful artwork.

After Tarakovsky created the iconic '90s cartoon Dexter's Laboratory, he created Samurai Jack, a terse, action-packed cartoon that was more experimental than most other Cartoon Network programming.

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After a years-long pause, the long-anticipated fifth and final season of Samurai Jack aired in 2017 on Adult Swim, along with other more adult-oriented programs.

The announcement comes shortly after the network announced a series order for the live-action sitcom Three Busy Debras and Birdgirl, the upcoming spin-off of the original Harvey Birdman series. Check out the teaser for Primal below.

Created by Genndy Tarakovsky, Primal will premiere on Adult Swim sometime this Fall.

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