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PlayStation Network ID names deemed to be offensive will now be replaced with temporary placeholder IDs rather than the previous response of banning players.

Last week, the ability to change your PSN Online ID for free went live, after first being announced in October. Another aspect of the rollout is that players will no longer be banned for PSN IDs that violate the PSN terms of service. Instead, the offending name will be swapped out with the placeholder ID Tempxxxxxx.

It used to be that PSN users with IDs that were in breach of the ToS would be banned. Now, once your ID has been replaced with the placeholder, players can resolve the issue by changing back to their old ID for free.

You may find that your original ID has been affected in the same manner. In this instance, you’ll have nothing to revert to, and players are instructed to change their online ID using this handy guide.

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