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Negative Atmosphere is a new sci-fi horror shooter that’s clearly inspired by Dead Space.

The game was shown off at EGX Rezzed last week, and developer Sun Scorched has put up the demo on YouTube. Right off the bat, you can clearly see the Dead Space inspirations in the design of the protagonist, the narrow corridors with blood smeared everywhere, and even the organic, on-suit HUD elements.

Negative Atmosphere appears to be more of a straight shooter than Dead Space was, at least in this demo, with the hero wielding an assault rifle rather than Isaac’s makeshift weapons made from laser cutters.

The demo represents just five months of work, and the team is currently using Patreon to fund ongoing development. There is a plan, however, to take it to Kickstarter once there’s a solid playable demo.

It certainly looks promising, especially since no one seems to be interested in making a Dead Space spiritual successor. Check out the footage below:

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