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Thar she blows! Season 8 of Fortnite has introduced more than one explosive new movement mechanic, but these watery Volcano Vents might leave you needed a change of clothes. Here’s where to find some Volcano Vents, which you can use for the first week of challenges.

To complete that challenge you have to use five Volcano Vents in five completely separate matches – but it doesn’t matter if that’s in solo, duos, and squads queue.

As you’d expect, the Volcano Vents are clustered around the brand-new awesome looking volcano that now dominates the northeast corner of the Fortnite map – which was just one of the map changes that came with the new season.

Fortnite Volcano Vents

We’ve marked a lot of the Volcano Vent locations on the map below, most are in the immediate area south of the volcano, as well as the geyser field to the north, but there are some to its west near Dusty Divot:

There are tonnes of new things in Fortnite for Season 8, including some cool new skins – who doesn’t love Peely – new items for Fortnite Creative, and a host of quality of life features. The most interesting of these is the Party Assist feature, which lets you choose one of your weeklies for your party’s actions to count towards.

With the successful launch of Season 8, Fortnite keeps going from strength to strength, breaking records in February for concurrent players.

Fortnite Season 8 Weekly challenges

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