The first new Legend could be making his way into Apex Legends real soon, along with the Season 1 Battle Pass.

If you visit Apex Legends’ Market, you’ll find launch pads strewn throughout the area, and it seems that Respawn has added the item to tease the addition of the game’s newest Legend Octane, set to launch alongside the Battle Pass.

Twitter user Jnich uploaded a video the launch pad he found, speculating that another player had access to the character. ApexUpdate shared the video, and it didn’t take long for other players to chime in, confirming that they were also seeing the launch pads in-game.

Launch pads are rumoured to the the ultimate ability of Octane. The character was leaked last week, and was included in the list of 10 Legends found by dataminers. His skills were shared in a leak on Twitter earlier this month, and included the launch pad.

Respawn devs have popped up on Reddit threads discussing the appearance of the item and responded with smirking, and thinking emojis.

The Battle Pass was expected to roll out on March 12, and while it briefly appeared on Origin, right on time, it was quickly pulled from the store.

The launch pads could indicated that the new Legend and the Battle Pass are on their way and will be arriving in the game very soon.

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