With Doom Patrol premiering on DC Universe this week, the misfit team of superheroes will be encountering the oddest characters that the extensive back catalogue of the DCU has to offer.

While promoting the upcoming series at a Television Critics Association event this weekend, the DCU original series executive producer Jeremy Carver teased several of the characters that would appear over the course of the first season, with some of DC's most obscure, strangest characters mentioned.

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Among the characters mentioned by Carver were Doom Patrol villain the Beard Hunter, sentient city street Danny the Street, the electromagnetic superhero Lodestone and Niles Caulder's ex-wife Celsius. All four characters appeared in some capacity within Grant Morrison's acclaimed run on the title in the early 90s, itself a strong inspiration for the television series.

As one of the oddest superhero teams in the DCU, the first season of the series is looking to embrace the weird with characters so strange, they give the main cast pause.

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Doom Patrol, starring Timothy Dalton as The Chief, Brendan Fraser as Robot Man, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody and Matt Bomer as Negative Man, is scheduled to premiere on DC Universe on February 15.

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