Not every hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe gets their own movie. Many earn only a few minutes of screen time before meeting with an untimely demise or sinking back into obscurity. However, that doesn't make their contributions to the MCU any less important. There are a lot of these heroes that you might have forgotten over the course of the 20-film franchise. We here at CBR think that these ten heroes are definitely worth recognizing and remembering.

Some of the MCU's greatest heroes don't have any superpowers. A lot of heroes are just people trying to do the right thing despite increasingly difficult and challenging circumstances. Many of the people on this list are geniuses who, through their inventions and technical know how, changed the course of the MCU forever. They also played key roles in the formation of heroes like Iron Man and Captain America. Although these aren't the sorts of heroes who go around fighting off Chitauri invasions, they still play an incredibly important role.

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Check out the video below for more MCU heroes that everyone forgets about.

As the MCU grows following the release of Avengers: Endgame, there are certain to be even more characters that have an impact on the cinematic universe without ever getting a film for themselves. There's a chance that some of these characters might appear again, or in some capacity, in future MCU films that are set in the past, as not every film going forward will be set after the events of Endgame. Plus, considering the impending acquisition of a number of Marvel's most famous characters, many more supporting characters will soon be making their way to the MCU, so this list is only going to grow.

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