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The Titans have been around for quite some time and have allowed the sidekicks of the world of DC comics to enjoy the spotlight for once. Although the recent live-action show we are all familiar with had its main five Titans being Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy, there are far more Titans involved that have been around longer than we think, with powers stronger than we thought!

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If you have ever wondered who was the most powerful amongst the Titans, we're here to settle that once and for all.

10 Miss Martian

Despite Miss Martian gaining popularity with her role as an important character in the Young Justice series, she was a Titan far before any of this in the comics first, and a powerful one at that. Appearing within the Teen Titans between the years of the Infinite Crisis and One Year Later storylines, Miss Martian has abilities that make her powerful enough to end up on this list. Despite being thought of as a traitor at first, Miss Martian turned out to be both a strong ally. With abilities to shapeshift and use telepathy, Miss Martian was easily an untouchable character in regards to her abilities and strength, and she has proven that time and time again.

9 Dick Grayson

It wouldn't be right to leave one of the founding members of the team off this list. The Robins, in general, are some of the strongest of the Titans, however, Dick Grayson, who started it off, is definitely one to be reckoned with. Although no Robin character, including Grayson, possess any superhuman abilities at birth, they have all been trained under some of the most recognized superheroes of all time and, in this case, having been trained by Batman is nothing shy of incredible.

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Robin in this case not only has impeccable leadership abilities, but is one of the best fighters out there with extensive knowledge on just about anything and everything from technology, gadgets, and his opponents.

8 Wally West

Being the fastest person alive undoubtedly makes you eligible to be the most powerful Titan. Although many would say that Barry Allen, the original Flash, would qualify as the "fastest", we're getting a lot more from Wally in this case. Considering Wally West, Kid Flash followed Allen's footsteps, he does stand out in ways that you might not have thought about. Being super fast is one thing, but Wally can both manipulate time and freeze it. If that wasn't cool enough, West's version of Flash is capable of turning particles into nuclear warheads due to his insane levels of acceleration, making him one of the most powerful characters within the Titans. Now if that isn't reason enough, we aren't sure what is.

7 Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle, also known as Jamie Reyes, brought a fresh and new aspect to a character we all know and love. Although the Blue Beetle most are familiar with, Ted Kord, was a member of the Justice League, it is Reyes that we're honouring in regards to his powers as a Teen Titan. Reyes is hands down one of the most powerful versions of all Blue Beetles and that's thanks to his many capabilities. Not only is he an outstanding fighter with great defensive abilities, but he can also fly, exit and enter Earth's orbit, and is fully equipped with an array of built-in tools and weaponry within his suit. These abilities are what make Reyes' version of the Blue Beetle both an integral member of the Teen Titans and one of the most powerful.

6 Aqualad / Tempest

Garth, another original found member of the Titans, is easily in the conversation for most powerful Titan. Appearing as Aqualad way back in the 1960s, his ability to control marine life and water makes him not only different from the rest of the group but a crucial member with abilities the whole team can benefit from. Although Aqualad's power is limited to water, it's good to know that Garth isn't just known for his water abilities, but for playing various other characters as well, including Tempest. When it comes to Tempest's superhuman strength and abilities to survive at incredible depths, this easily boosts Garth's evolution as a DC character.

5 Cyborg

Prior to Cyborg appearing in the Justice League film and being a member of that very team in a few of the comics, he was actually a member of the Titans. Being cybernetically-enhanced gives Cyborg an upper hand in regards to his powers and not only is he incredibly physically powerful, but his hyper-intelligence can match that.

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In addition to his physical abilities, Cyborg, being partially robotic, can fly and shoot cannons, all while having built-in medical scanners, weaponry, enhanced strength, and technopathy that easily makes him one of the strongest Titans there is.

4 Wonder Girl

Donna Troy, also known as Wonder Girl, is one of the most important members of the Teen Titans. Despite her story being quite complex and confusing at times, it's imperative to remember that she does, in fact, have powers that are parallel to those of Wonder Woman. Again, it's important to not let the word "girl" get you from thinking she can't destroy just about anything at a moment's notice. Although she may not be as powerful as Wonder Woman herself, she has superhuman strength, speed, and durability that is powerful beyond belief. Her combat skills are terrific and her ability to mimic sounds makes her that much more unique.

3 Beast Boy

With a name like Beast Boy, you can't picture someone being too much of a threat, but let's not allow the word 'boy' to throw us off too much. Beast Boy has the ability to shapeshift into any animal he wants at any time, making his powers incredibly unique and different from the rest of the characters, but one that comes in handy far more than you could ever think. Whether you need to be as small as a fruit fly or big as an elephant, these transformations can not only take your opponent by surprise but work wonders when it comes to fighting. With a tragic upbringing, Beast Boy has a lot fight within him that can be fueled from his rage, making him that much more powerful.

2 Starfire

There is no way we would make a list of the most powerful Titans without mentioning Starfire. She is one of the most popular members of the Teen Titans and one that should not be toyed with at all. Starfire has the ability to absorb insane amounts of ultraviolet energy and use that energy whenever she'd like, on whoever she'd like. This ultraviolet spectrum is not only a powerful tool but one that makes her stand out from the rest of the crew.

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Not only does the energy she absorbs allow her to disintegrate just about anything, but it also gives her some super-strength, which is why she lands easily near the top of this list.

1 Raven

It is without a doubt that Raven qualifies as the most powerful Titan there is to date. The half-human daughter to the incredibly powerful demon, Lord Trigon, is one character that definitely can hold her own. Raven has a plethora of mystical and magical abilities that although are at times uncontrollable, can destroy anything and anyone in her way.

Her abilities to teleport, heal, move objects with her mind, and manipulate energy, easily makes Raven one of the most gifted and powerful Titans there are.

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