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Last April, Hearthstone director Ben Brode left Blizzard in pursuit of new pastures, though at the time he didn't detail exactly what that meant. Brode soon announced a new development studio called Second Dinner and released a video today announcing that Second Dinner had secured funding. Dropped almost casually in that announcement video, however, was mention that the new project was being made in conjunction with Marvel.

You can check out the announcement below.

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While there's zero details about what this possible Marvel project could be, the cumulative experience at Second Dinner working on Hearthstone at Blizzard would definitely be a boon for a possible Marvel collectible card game. Or perhaps a Gambit game. (This joke was shamelessly stolen from Ben Hanson.)

Regardless, Marvel has been fairly aggressive in making licensing deals with developers and publishers they think will best shepherd quality games for them. Their biggest major success has been with Sony and Insomniac with Spider-Man, but there was also the unexpected surprise of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with Nintendo publishing and Team Ninja developing on Switch next year.

It should be interesting to see what Marvel and Second Dinner have cooking up whenever they're ready to show it.

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