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Soulja Boy, the recording artist that did that one song with the word “Superman” in it, is selling cheap emulator boxes and putting his name on them.

Well, he’s not even bothering to actually put his name on them. There’s no engraving or anything – he’s just promoting them with his name.

He put out a tweet today, touting the SouljaGame Handheld for the discounted rate of $99.

The description says the console is for “Switch / 3DS / Vita / NEOGEO / GBC / Gameboy /GBA Handheld Game Players” and is down from $199! Suitable for ages three and up! It has 3000 games built in! It’s totally not legally murky!

A Google search of the image on his site turns up the exact same units elsewhere for around half the price Soulja Boy is selling them at.

These are for sale on Soulja Boy’s new site, SouljaWatch, created to flog a new line of watches.

Anyway, does anyone want to buy a KirkGame Handheld? Yours for $89, reduced down from $500.

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