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Easter eggs are fun, and there’s one in Just Cause 4 which acts like a mini-game of sorts.

One of the first Easter eggs to be found in Just Cause 4 has surfaced and it’s based on the 2017 indie hit Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

If you aren’t familiar with Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, you’re basically playing as a man in a cauldron tasked with climbing over a mountain of detritus using only a sledgehammer. The game is narrated by its designer Bennett Foddy.

Just Cause 4 players will find the cauldron from the game on top of a mountain. Upon getting inside of it, the camera will switch to a platforming perspective. The player will then use a pickaxe as a row to climb up the mountain. And the best part is Foddy himself providing commentary (thanks, Polygon).

You can see the Easter egg in action below, posted by YouTuber MathChief.

This isn’t the first time an Easter egg has popped up in a Just Cause game. Remember the Lost references in Just Cause 2? Then there was the whole “what color is the dress” nod in Just Cause 3. There are plenty more, but those are just what we can remember off the top of our head.

Just Cause 4 is out today, which means we can expect more Easter eggs to pop up online once folks have had more time to play it.

You can look over some of the early review scores here, and the VG247 Just Cause 4 review through the link.

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