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A new creative mode is coming to Fortnite in Season 7, with the aim of letting players create their own private islands.

Players would be able to have their own custom Fortnite server with unlimited resources, kind of like a Creative Minecraft server. We’re hopeful this update will come with the first Season 7 update on December 6.

You’ll be able to invite friends to play on your server or leave it open for other players to explore, with the option of choosing these private islands from a hub-like lobby.

Fans have been calling for Community-created maps for quite some time now, along with private Battle Royale sessions. Allowing players to build their own islands and host them on private servers would facilitate that request, giving Fortnite a new edge over its rivals.

Epic Games has already announced that a world premiere will be shown at The Game Awards and we’re hopeful that the announcement will focus on this new mode. Epic Games has also recently announced that it will be launching an online store in competition with Steam, so releasing a Creative Creation mode would be a smart move.

Youtuber Lachlan revealed the new mode in a recent stream, showing off the different terrain options, weapons and buildings that will be available, as well as how to access these new maps. In the video, we were able to spot a hub-like area with rifts leading to Featured and Personal Worlds. It looks like Epic Games has created a few new base maps for matches, as well as allowing players to access private servers. Fortnite leak pros, Fortnite Intel, have more on the now-removed video.

Season 7 will have an ice theme, with snow falling across the map already. An icy overlord and his cat-like foe have already been shown, as well as a player on skis and another abseiling, so we can expect some new modes of transport for Season 7. Until Epic Games confirms anything, you can check out our Fortnite Season 7 rumours page here.

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