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You’re going to need a coat for this chilly new season of Fortnite Battle Royale. An avalanche of map changes has come along with the start of Fortnite Season 7, including confirmation of the new Iceberg Biome, as well as new named locations Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet.

Fortnite Season 7 Map Changes – Iceberg Biome

The Iceberg Biome was the big thing that we knew about before release, and featured heavily in teases and leaks.

The snow seems to have taken over a large part of the western side of the map, covering it in slippery ice as well. You’ll slide across the ice when you run across it, which will add an extra element to gunfights in those areas.

You can get a peak at the new snow locations in the official Battle Pass trailer below:

Fortnite Season 7 Map changes – Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet

As for the new named locations, it’s not 100% clear right now whether they’ll be replacing current named locations, or whether they’ll be in addition to the places we know and love.

We’ll post a full image of the map once the Fortnite servers come back online.

From the Battle Pass Trailer, it looks like Frosty Flights and Polar Peak are on the western edge of the Fortnite map, near Snobby Shore and the Viking Village.

While Happy Hamlet seems to be on the southern tip of the island, possibly replacing Flush Factory or Lucky Landing.

Map changes aren’t the only thing coming to Fortnite in the new patch. There are tons of leaked skins from Season 7, as well as the blockbuster new Fortnite Creative mode, which lets you make you own games from Fortnite assets. It’s much more flexible than the Playground was, and we’re sure the community are going to come up with come amazing creations.

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