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The next big franchise that Marvel Studios is planning is the Eternals. which is something that is on the level almost of guardians of the galaxy. where people don't really know too much about them but they could easily be the next big thing if done properly the first time we heard about the Eternals getting a movie was from Jeremy Conrad over at MCU comic and recent stuff has really started to heat up. about the project and thanks to a new break down from that hashtagshow. we know who is going to be in the film part of the Eternals team according to their sources the film is going to consist of Cersei, Icarus, Gilgamesh, Macari, Elias, thena, xerus, and Starfox and the villain is going to be the eternal druid and they're also looking to cast a smaller character named
Piper who is probably going to be a new version of the character sprite from the comic books. so this is really awesome because the eternal is like I mentioned is one of those really oddball cosmic properties that actually has a big role in the overall Marvel Comics universe and they've been reimagined a couple times assistance they were first introduced by Jack Kirby. so hopefully Marvel Studios does take them and play it pretty close to the vest in terms of their comic book origins and how they're portrayed and really go with that whole ancient alien's chariot of the gods type story for the MCU film which is largely said to be a historical
piece in the MCU also featuring some of the Celestials and other cosmic characters and I mean there's even a chance that we could see thinness in the film because his brother is Starfox.

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