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While you’re out gallivanting in the wilderness, keep your eye out for the Whisky Tree in Red Dead Redemption 2.
If you head East from Flatneck Station you’ll come across the Whisky Tree. Sadly, this tree doesn’t actually produce any whisky, but there are a few dozen bottles tied to its branches and one of them has a gold nugget inside.

It’s standing on its own so is quite easy to see and there’s a convict wandering around the area whose shackles you can choose to shoot off or ignore, but that’s for another time.
Once you’re close to the tree, use your Eagle Eye and you’ll see one of the bottles is glowing. Shoot it, and once it hits the ground you’ll see that it dropped a gold nugget that you can sell. You can find out where you can sell your loot and where to find more gold items here.

If you’re after more advice on making money and gold in Red Dead Redemption 2, we have a complete guide for you.
For more of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Easter Eggs, take a look at our full page, as well as our guides on how to find the vampire, Marko Dragic and the robot, and the serial killer.
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