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Grab your lantern and get ready to strike out on another treasure hunt. A toxic road lies ahead, and you’ll need you map to navigate it.

To begin the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, you first need to start the Gunslinger’s side quest, The Noblest of Men, and a Woman.

It’s a particularly rich side quest, as it gives the player a bunch of new and unique weapons, but it also introduces you to Flaco Hernandez, who hides out in the hut at Cairn Lake, in The Grizzlies. Once Flaco is dead, search his cabin to find the Poisonous Trail map.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt

Now you’ve got that, examine the map and you’ll see the rocks resemble a face. That’s why it’s known as Face Rock, and you can find it on your map just west of Ringneck Creek. Find the hollow tree here, and you’ll be able to get the second map from inside of it.

Looking at this map the drawing kind of looks like a snake, right? It doesn’t seem to be marked on the map, but it’s a mound directly west of the trading post Van Horn, on top of a steep hill. Once you get there, poke around the stones that look like a nest of snake eggs to find the next treasure map.

The third and final map shows a waterfall and you want to head to Elysian Pool, north west of Van Horn. It’s not too far to travel. This is also the spot for a Legendary Animal so bring your fishing rod and you can bag that challenge as well.

Note: This is the same secret cavern you’ll enter to find the final reward for the Dreamcatcher challenge – but you will take a completely different route through the chambers.

Walk through the waterfall to find a secret chamber and light your lantern otherwise you won’t be able to see a thing. climb up over the first ledge and once you drop down the steep drop look for another steep path branching off to the right and head down it. If you come to a massive chamber with natural light breaking through you’ve gone too far sop head back.

You’ll come to a small triangular tunnel entrance that you have to crouch to go through. Take the right hand path at this fork on the other side. Once this chamber opens up, stand, and look to your left. You’ll see a ledge that you need to run and jump off. You’ll actually land below it, and then you can climb up one last ledge and search a boulder to find 4 gold bars worth $500 each when sold to a fence.

To get out of the chambers, head back to the last junction where you went right, but take the left hand path. Or, if you die, you’ll spawn back outside the cavern.

If you’re looking for more help with treasure, we have a walkthrough for the Jack Hall Gang treasure map, how solve the Strange Statues quest which will get you another three gold bars and the Le Tresor Des Morts treasure map.

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