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So how about that Ultron could have survived Sokovia and as the new Marvel comic hinting towards it. Ultron is an interesting character and I think a lot of people can kind of understand why many people like him but I think there's also a lot of people that can also see why a lot of people didn't like him as a villain right one robust emotion is a little bit harder to sell, so you might follow a little below the tears of some of the other villains and specifically that age of Ultron was somewhat rush then you have to cut out a lot of stuff. So that you could see some of the cracks within the film right now when it comes to the actual Ultron survival aspect I think there is a chance he might have survived that's the
most recent Captain Marvel Prelude comics shows us Nick Fury's working with Maria Hill and this is during the whole Sokovia thing and as the Ultron bolts are dying falling out Nick Fury ends up taking one out and its eyes flicker and then kind of yeah, it's dead but this is where people are coming up with the theory that maybe he's not and just to be clear we don't know right but I think realistically if there are any villains that are survived it would be Ultron because he's so different he is an AI and basic human instinct and he was only born yesterday and was trying to pick up on humans but he's like nah humans are terrible we gotta kill them all right. so yeah I think there is something to this now whether they use Ultron or not in the future I don't know I don't think there's a use for him necessarily because it's like we've had him before in the comics it works when he comes back and it's been a decade but in the movies you go Ultron is back, he's gonna lose again because he lost the first time. so it doesn't have as much of an impact and I think that's the thing here and realistically I think he could have survived to some degree but I don't think we ever see him utilized and I think that's kind of just the comic is just having fun with Sokovia because they gotta fill in the pages you.

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