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Recently Chris Evans was part of many interviews and he was specifically asked: "Hey Chris, what's your favorite moment of any movie anything you shoot anything on set tell us?". So he had some stories essentially he doesn't have any standout moments but he did say you know he loves seeing feedback to what happens in the movies. So when something huge happens or a twist or something he loves seeing how the fans react now honestly I think that's probably everybody's favorite you know the heil Hydra thing to turn into a meme that was big and pretty much anything that's mean worthy is a great moment right because it sticks through pop culture for so long and people remember it people are talking about it but he wanted to talk about specifically his
experiences on the set of the movies and he says it was the little things you know like sometimes it's a pickup shoot or sometimes it's a quick two or three seconds scene of something somebody else is doing and somebody might mess up and it's these little moments that are like funny or comedic that they really stick with them right and honestly it makes sense right he's not discrediting the MCU or something that I like. I've seen some people insinuate out there be not go. He doesn't have memorable moments so what it means that all the movies are forgettable it's like know what some of the greatest moments you have in your life are they related to your job probably
not but there might be funny moments that happen during those things that you remember for years on end and you meet some of your best friends there and you guys are over them right. So I think that's kind of a good answer for him and he doesn't want to necessarily say oh this is my favorites my least favorite I hate this I love that because that's just not professional right so honestly it's a really good way to go about it and I just love that they're doing more of this kind of revealing to you the little ins and outs of things and kind of telling you hey look you guys might forget this but I'm a human being who plays a character I'm not that character.

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