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Iron fist was canceled just a few weeks ago after a lackluster season 2 that many critics felt was a step in the right direction and an improvement on the first season but it still failed to attract back fans suffered in the ratings ultimately was put on the chopping block by Netflix and now just a few weeks after that unfortunate cancellation. We're learning more about what the future would have held for Danny Rand specifically the most comic accurate costume to date that's right Finn Jones revealed at Rhode Island Comic Con straight from BAM smack pow the fans cited blog covering superheroes and comic books that the outfit. He was actually gonna wear in the season was basically the Orson Randall suit from the comics with the belt the guns the straps the whole nine yards the bandolier everything. but that is still a huge improvement on what we've seen him in to date potentially the mask would have been in there as well we can't tell but apparently there was a costume fitting for that third season sometime before the show was cancelled and why the Orson Randall costume is actually pretty interesting obviously if you watch the second season I know some of you probably didn't they do set up at the end Danny is in China looking for worse and Randall trying to discover this
mystery and unfortunately that's a mystery that will never be resolved unless the show was saved by Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney play.

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