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Today we've got a really interesting update for you about Avengers 4. As the wait for the title, the first trailer the first anything official for the film drags on and the news is that the wait for that first official thing might actually be ending sooner than we thought. Because the Avengers prequel comic is set to debut on December 5th and that is not speculation that's not rumor or a report that is as official. As official can get because it comes to us in the form of the first issue of the Captain Marvel prequel comic. Which contained an ad for the Avengers 4 prequel comic including the fact that it was going to debut on December 5th. What the Avengers 4 comic is gonna cover is still unknown and still up for debate. The Captain Marvel comic basically showed us with Nick Fury and Maria Hill were doing during the events of infinity war kind of set up. what happened when Nick Fury pressed the beeper, so Avengers 4 might follow a similar tact and actually just show us kind of the events of Avengers infinity war seeing as the films they direct prequel 2 and of  2 Avengers 4 but more interesting in this news is the implication that it might have for a trailer. It definitely would be very very odd for a film to release a prequel comic for the movie before releasing its first trailer take that with the rumors that we were going to see the debut of the trailer before December and it's all adding up that we could be seeing the first teaser trailer for Avengers for it literally within the next few weeks. There's
also been speculation that the trailer could drop on Monday Night Football either this week or next week I would put my money on next week because that's the Texans and Titans might need a little bit of a rating boost who knows.

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