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So detective work might have finally uncovered the exact day or at least the few days that we were going to be waiting to see the Avengers 4 trailer. So was yesterday I post about the Avengers trailer and its relation to a prelude comic and now, of course, this comic says you know it's coming December 5th so by that nature if we just don't get the release of every other comic in the prelude and kind of how the trailers come out usually comes out before the comic because due to spoilers. Now, something interesting is happening on November 28th Joe and Anthony Russo the Russo brothers who of course directed the Winter Soldier Avengers infinity war and are directing Avengers are going to be holding a Q & A now this would obviously place a week before the prelude comic is coming. now not only that this type of event usually you know the Q & A and everything people are speculating it's going to be the one where they talk about what exactly happened in the trailer kind of like a sort of breakdown. which directors have been doing lately talk about many of the aspects of it you know looking to talk to more people kind of getting the feedback from and everything like that and you can assume if this is one of those things that's happening probably I would assume this is going to go hand in hand with over the next week. so we're gonna hear hey look this actor is gonna
appear on this show to release the trailer or whatever, so it's either gonna be one of those things where it's Good Morning America or whatever late night show they go to because that's typically how they do it now at the same time you know they did recently tease while we could or we might not possibly see the trailer by the end of the year we don't know but just how everything's kind of rolling together and looking at it kind of makes sense to do it and once again it's right there before the big release films. so kind of get the ball rolling on that marketing right and you don't want those spores out from the comic so it's like November 28th Up next. 

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