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Avengers4 hype... Now look we're getting right there this month. It's gotta happen we gotta have that reveal, Avengers 4 reveal is coming and Marvel wants us to know when Avengers is coming because In marvel the clock is ticking literally there's a clock. The clock is up there they put up a clock counting down to Avengers so the good thing and the good news is that they're very well aware "hey we got a what people know the same is coming considering we've done no marketing there's nothing out there which means now that this is a go people are gonna be talking about it" we're talking about right now it means that somewhere down the road probably this month we've talked about this before if not it's got to be the first week of December things are coming first silk reveals titles various things that are coming at us and honestly you know it's about time and what's really interesting is that people
are trying to look into this clock like people are looking out like the web address the source code of it trying to figure out what's going on is there something embedded in here because we're so starved for anything with this movie. We're looking anywhere at everything to try to find any little piece of detail now grant it. we're all so hardcore fans. so that's what we do but at the same time, you gotta commend them right the power of the marketing machine. which doesn't exist but we're still talking about it and it's trending on Twitter impressive guys that are pretty impressive. so the countdown is on now we just got to have an actual countdown to when we're gonna get anything official can we at least have the title please Jesus watch it's gonna come out beat up the most generic title ever were.

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