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While as soon as the new photos of Spider-man from the upcoming spider-man far from home hit featuring the black and red, so many people automatically took notice to a few improvements that have been made to this suit specifically Spidey's new web shooters. Now I think of course most of you know the reason behind, this they have to sell more and new action figures but of course let's just not be cynical there's probably going to be a movie reason for this as well so quickly looking at the new web shooter. You're obviously going to notice that it's just a little thing that's sticking out of his forearm it's not covering like half this forearm and wrist arm you know it's not very big on there like the previous ones from spider-man homecoming and these seem to be ones that are more I
would say underneath the suit and in a kind of uh you know like comes out through it almost having like this little nozzle type of deal that's going on and you can even see in the design on the wrists where it goes and where the switch is so honestly still keeps the theme and the generalized to look of what it looked like in homecoming but it's just been a little bit more I would say shrunken down and put underneath the costume but now since we don't know what the reasoning behind this suit is we really can't speculate on anything more other than that but I will say that I definitely do like you know how everything is forming around the suit and specifically if we look at the web-shooter where it's coming out on the red and the black above it almost looks
like the red is now underneath and this black part has been put over the standard suit so I wonder if this is supposed to be some sort of rubberized mechanism or something that's on there that we just don't know yet but all in all I really like the new web shooter I think it's more um I want to say slick I think it fits a lot more and I just never been a big fan of the movies having them you know kind of sticking out above his wrists like that where the enemy and whoever he's fighting would clearly know where the web is coming from it kind of gives away some of the mystery at least in the movies that's just my going so hopefully we get some more detailed pictures soon and I just can't wait to see it in action.

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