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We've got a massive MCU news draft today as set videos have revealed a brand new spider-man suit, from Spider-man far from home and man it is a doozy the set videos would come to us from the Instagram account comic gods are seemed to be on location in New York. Today but they show spider-man Tom Holland in action with Zendaya and the main draw of the eyes is the fact that the suit is completely different this is not the suit from homecoming. This is not the stealth suit that we had seen in some other set videos as they were filming in Europe, no this is a red and black suit not quite Miles Morales asked to me it more closely resembles maybe Alex Ross's suit if anything it honestly kind of just looks like the homecoming suit.
 Just with black for the blue we have no details on why this change is gonna be made in this film, it could just be to give him a new suit to symbolize some sort of progression as a character maybe he loses the homecoming suit at some point you know who knows really but it is really interesting to see him go to a black color scheme. So early a lot of people naturally might be thinking Miles Morales from this but no this is Tom Holland and this is actually based on some concept art for the original homecoming suit back in the earliest days that they ended up going away from they went the traditional red and blue in that movie so it'll be really interesting to see how this has worked in to the film.
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