Season 6 of Fortnite has brought with it a few map changes, such as the seven Corrupted Areas that have spawned around the map.

You can see a rune at the centre of each Corrupted Area on the Fortnite map, and one of the easiest and well-rewarded challenges for Week 2 requires you to visit each of these areas, so let’s take a quick look at where you’ll need to go to complete this challenge.

Fornite: Corrupted Area locations

The floating island is currently hovering just West of Shifty Shafts and the Corrupted Area you need to visit is just below it.

The rest of the Corrupted Area locations are:

  • Directly South of Salty Springs
  • Southwest of Dusty Divot
  • Southeast of Retail Road
  • In the Southwest section of Wailing Woods
  • South of Lazy Links and slightly Northwest of Tomato Temple
  • Southwest of Pleasant Park

Each of these Corrupted Areas has a bunch of Shadow Stones scattered around so you can become an invisible spectre who glides around the map. There will also be the usual three gold chests surrounding the runes in the Corrupted Areas.

All you need to do is visit these areas, open up the chests and hang around for a few seconds to complete the challenge. Simple!

There’s still time to complete the Week 1 challenges so take a look at our guide. You can find out more about the rest of the Week 2 challenges here. The Chiller trap is now available as well as a host of new spooky skins to kick off the Halloween season and new Darkness Rises theme. For everything else Fortnite related, check out our guide page.

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