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Disney's big acquisition of 20th century fox assets will be officially ready to close by the first day of and a new exclusive report from a variety their sources had insiders at the t Century Fox town hall meeting that took place at the Fox lot in Los Angeles today during the meeting top exec Peter Rice told employees that the studio's acquisition is going to be completed January t recently we've heard a lot about the post Disney Fox merger landscape and what it's going to look like for top executives moving from Fox to Disney or to other platforms beyond the closing date we don't really know anything about what Fox will look like under Disney whether they'll be able to operate mostly intact as they do now just under the Disney banner or whether there'll be significant
changes on to their film and television slates Peter rice did note to employees that acquisitions of previous brands such as Marvel Pixar and Lucasfilm have been able to keep their cultures largely intact under Disney and the organization so it seems like a lot of it is going to be keeping you know in tradition of what we understand the Fox just under Disney so this is all pretty exciting and interesting stuff definitely curious to see how all this pans out and what we can really expect from Fox films under Disney but drop your thoughts down in the comments below what do you guys think about this do you think that we can see Fantastic Four and the
x-men in the MCU a lot sooner not that we know the deal is closing by January t as many believe that it would close by summer and then the earliest we would see meetings in but now that's not the case it's also up in the air like what happens to all the Fox films they were talking about recently like gambits or multiple manners the New Mutants or Doctor Doom Silver Surfer all those projects that were just on the wayside where does that all fall in this post you know Fox Disney merger because those are all going to be transitioning under the guidance of Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios.

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