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It seems like the Avengers might be going up against a brand new threat even a greater than Thanos in Avengers. According to a new toy packaging leak that seems to be the case so yesterday a piece of Avengers for merchandise surfaced online showing off a look at Rocket Raccoon and Thor decked out in new white red and black costumes now the photo was pretty low res but fans have actually taken a closer look at the description on the back of the box and it might reveal a pretty big but cool spoiler for Avengers it reads the Asgardian Thor wields the mighty storm breaker in his battle against new foes rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy against an even greater threat so the bit about rocket raccoon and teaming up with a new crew to guard the galaxy
from the greater threat is most likely a reference to rocket having to team up with the Avengers and Thor now that the guardians as we know they have all been turned to dust but this whole bit about the greater threat or new foes is what has people talking yesterday Marvel scooper Jeremy Conrad dropped a pretty big tease on his Twitter account when he said remember when Fox wanted to change teenage warheads powers in the first Deadpool and they needed Marvel Studios permission to do so an exchange Marvel got back the rights to ego but what if they also got the rights back to another character in Secrets so right now the big theory is that Annihilus is one of the big greater threats and Avengers as we know that this film is going to be a
very big epic cosmic adventure exploring more of the quantum realm you know time travel other cosmic entities it's also been rumoured that Chronos of the Eternals is in this film so this would be pretty big stuff if there is a bigger villain than Thanos like Annihilus it also would line up with the rumored title which is Avengers annihilation.

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