Captain Marvel is finally here Entertainment Weekly has debuted our first look images at the film but show off Carol Danvers in her iconic red blue and gold armor in addition to these photos we have a couple new quotes from Brie Larson herself and the directors talking about what this film is going to be and how it will be very different from other MCU entries obviously we know Captain Marvel takes place in the  so it is a prequel of sorts and it's also a good place because it allows this film to have its own kind of paths in the MCU and carve out its own sector do not have the baggage of what's going on in the current day what's interesting about this story is that II W confirm is that Captain Marvel is not a traditional origin story and when it begins Carol already has her powers she's left her earthly life behind to join an elite Kree
military team called Star Force led by Jude Law's enigmatic commander but eventually Carol finds herself back on earth with questions about her past and she has to deal with the innovation of the scrolls who are coming to earth another cool thing about this is they confirmed that Ben Mendelsohn is playing a scroll who's going to be spearheading the invasion named Talos.

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