A new report from that hashtag show might have just confirmed a major fan theory about Avengers 4.That hashtag show is reporting that according to their sources not only is John Slattery returning in Avengers for playing Howard Stark. He's filmed scenes with Robert Downey Jr. given that Stark has been dead for almost years. At this point in the MCU, this would seem to be one of two things either time travel or barf. The first of those options seem to fit with rumors and theories that we've been hearing basically since the end of infinity war and basically since the earliest days of Avengers many have suspected the film would deal
with time-travel based on set photos. Which showed the characters and their Avengers outfits and many more. Thought they might just be going back to gather the stones before Thanos could ever gotten them, it's very possible that Tony goes back to speak to his father about something whether it's just the tesseract or something, even more, I'm not exactly sure why he would be going back for Howard. I'm not sure what Howard would have known about the Infinity stones but who knows maybe he's trying to save his parents the other option is that Tony is talking to Howard using the barfs system from Civil War the by narrowly augmented retro framing system which
was where we last saw Slattery as Howard Stark in that film when Tony was reconstructing that memory of the day they died but again out of context its kind of hard to imagine a situation where Tony Stark is using that system again.

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