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Throughout the course of infinity war while Thanos and the other characters are looking for or protecting the Infinity stones Thor is off on his own quest to gain a new weapon in order to get his revenge on Thanos for the death of his people this ended up being the ax Stormbreaker a mixture of the comic book Stormbreaker originally wilded by beta ray bill and the ultimate comic version of Mjolnir when Thor obtained the ax he gave him quite a power boost he could open up a Bifrost at will to travel across the universe he could knock away large groups of enemies without making direct contact with them and the field of lightning that he gained in Ragnarok was stretched out even further but the biggest feat Thor seemed to have at Stormbreaker was when he used it to counter a blast from a fully completed Infinity Gauntlet in order to hit daƱos in the chest this leads us into the question of the day is Stormbreaker stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet let's first take a look at what we know so far we know that each recreated both items in the MCU and that he created Stormbreaker second after knowing who had the Infinity Gauntlet and what it was built to do however we also know that the plans for storm breakers already existed prior to thinness obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet since Thor seemed to know about it already before traveling to Eitri but had no knowledge of the death of the other dorms Plus with everything destroyed and scenes they were using an already existing mold so this means that storm breaker at least initially wasn't playing as a direct counter for the Infinity Gauntlet and if it was it'd be reliant on theory surrounding the concept of the two weapons that at best for the moment or just speculation but because this version of Stormbreaker was made second with eatery's knowledge of the gauntlet and desired to see it stopped
it is possible that this version was created with a counter strategy in mind next let's take a look at what each item can do for the moment omitting the fact that the gauntlet with the proper stones can manipulate time and alter reality which Stormbreaker just can't do so far as we've seen right there just by doing that that could give people the answer to the question for themselves but for the moment let's compared the things that both can do both have the ability of teleportation though the exact distance for both is currently unknown and we know that when put up against each other at least in the moment Stormbreaker was able to counter a blast from a fully completed Infinity Gauntlet also we saw that Santos with a gauntlet only missing two stones had some difficulty with six people while Stormbreaker could handle more than that was a single swing though granted Thanos's opponents were smarter and had more varied abilities to contend with but looking at both of those notes it is entirely possible that in both instances danos was holding back in order to not burn out the gauntlet before he could achieve his goal it seems odd that a fully completed gauntlet could so easily be beaten by an axe when the literal next thing that it did was wipe out half the universe we also solved the gauntlet was basically destroyed after doing this so there was some kind of finite upper limit to what the gone.that could achieve without the power of the stones breaking it sothe Annis holding back seems like the more likely option bond order to get a more definitive answer we'd have to look at what the creators behind a film intended luckily in an interview with Collider writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were asked whether or not
storm breaker is stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet in the interview Marcus made sure to clarify that the actually cut through the power blasts of the gauntlet not the actual medal of the gauntlet itself in regards to why was able to do that he added I imagine it had something to do with the fact that the same guy made both of them its dwarven magic McFeely then added that III likely built in a fail-safe into the gauntlet so that he'd have a way to stop it once it was completed comparing the idea of the exposed exhaust port on the Death Star basically the gauntlet seemed to have a built-in design flaw that allows Stormbreaker to be able to counter its energy blasts based on what the two said it comes across like the actual items themselves the gauntlet and storm breaker on their own are about equal in strength then they did clarify that Stormbreaker couldn't just cut through the gauntlets but their differences in ability come from their power sources hence why the gauntlet burnt out after the since it can only handle a finite amount of power Stormbreaker doesn't have that issue since its power sources Thor whose lightning power does have limits as we saw in Ragnarok when his strongest blast without a weapon barely faced hella so what it boils down to is that the Infinity Gauntlet can do more and affect more overall but Stormbreaker runs no risk of breaking down with the maximum power of its intended power source and is designed to counter direct blast from the gauntlet the items themselves are about equal when not comparing their power sources.
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