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A very very surprising what might have been story regarding Deadpool - and the Fantastic Four yes your ears are not deceiving you I did just say Deadpool - and the Fantastic Four it is really interesting because we don't know the timeline of this but at one point apparently there was talk about including the cast of fan for stick in the Deadpool sequel this comes to us by way of storyboard artist and character designer Alexander Lozano who did work on the original Deadpool with Tim Miller and apparently was involved in the early production on Deadpool - doing some character designs for Tim Miller we don't exactly know when he departed the project but we know that he actually was not credited on Deadpool so it's very likely that he left the project when Tim Miller did and that plays a massive factor in this story because he did some designs for the Fantastic Four and how they could appear in Deadpool now he does not share any information
about how they might have been used how they might have come in if it was just gonna be an easter egg or a cameo or something but he does show that these are these same characters these are these same actors we've got miles teller as mr. fantastic kate mara as the Invisible Woman Michael B Jordan has the Human Torch and of course the thing which would've been played by Jamie Bell but would have been much closer to its iconic comic book look than what we got in the movie and honestly the concept art is pretty cool I don't really love the suits I think the thing looks the best out of all of them he has the Human Torch wearing red for whatever reason but the other ones look I mean they're at least they're a little bit better than what we got in Fantastic Four a step in the right direction but definitely not where I would have liked them to land and of course the major question is what role would they have even played in the movie I mean my guess is that it probably would have been something along the lines of what we see the x-men do I mean they're just kind of in
that room in that one shot and the door is closed by beast but we don't really kind of know how they would have been used other than just the butt of some joke and that might be why the plan was ultimately scrapped of course whether or not it was scrapped because Fox didn't sign off on it or if it was just scrapped because Tim Miller left the project we'll never know what we got ended up being pretty good and the Fantastic Four from being relegated to the junk heap of history.

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