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Sony's venom might be a bigger box office success than many people were speculating the film which is said to be the first entry in the Sony Marvel Universe is currently tracking for some big blockbuster numbers previously the film was slated to open to about to which is honestly not even that bad but new estimates from box-office Pro Pegg the film opening between and million with the numbers leaning on the higher end with some analysts even saying that it could break that million plus opening which has never been done before in October the previous record-breaking opening weekend in October is s gravity
and going off these numbers it looks like venom is currently slated to take that opening weekend box office record the site notes that a lot of interest has been garnered over the film's trailers in which the one that came out around July actually brought in a lot more people the one that broke around San Diego comic-con the most recent venom trailer which had a lot of buzz generated around it and obviously the one that came out towards the latter half of April which played during Avengers infinity war got a lot of eyes on it because that was the first time that we actually saw the full symbiote itself so drop your thoughts in the comments below what do you guys think about
this do you think that the numbers are correct and that venom could be a box-office smash hit or do you think that Sony's venom might actually have some competition coming that weekend in a star's born and first man both films that are skewed at a more adult audience because like we had previously mentioned in other videos venom is aiming for a pg-rating to keep it in that Marvel brand for future potential crossovers.

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