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so not sure how many of you like or watch The Runaways but it's one of my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe properties and it's about to get a whole lot better so coming up this December hooroo has changed how they're going to be releasing a TV series typically they've done the whole release a couple episodes and then spinning out every week run away season two is gonna be different they're going to do the Netflix model dump the entire series on one day on December t so there's a lot of excitement there uh personally for me runaways is in my top three Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows I really love that comic I love that series even more and also coming along with that announcement was the fact that they said season one there was loose MCU connections it was just kind of like it's set in the universe and there are a few things but you don't really notice them season two is about to change that we're
going to have direct references to the MCU and the larger world now of course what these could be anybody's guess um I'm gonna assume somehow involving magic or something or a major event that happens would probably be the most um obvious on the other hand they could do the Disney ABC thing that they've done on agents of shield we're in the background or something you're gonna see characters reference things that are going on in other shows which obviously makes a lot of sense now for those wishing for infinity or something that's not happening they've said every single season of TV that comes out before Avengers takes place before infinity war so don't look for you know half the characters disappearing at the end of the series that's not what's gonna happen they're not doing something like that but they do say they're gonna lay
some you know foundations of what's happening in the MCU at the time to try to kind of explore it and also leave a few breadcrumbs to kind of give you an idea of what's happening now this is also one of those things where I think uh the way that the series is built you kind of have to acknowledge some of it but I want it to stay largely standalone because these are little kids right there are teenagers so you have to kind of remain like that and they're on the run so I don't want something that just kind of feels out of place but at the same I do want a concrete answer of what time setting this is in so hopefully we'll get that in a very good way and hopefully your crossover of cloak-and-dagger down the road is probably happening since they keep teasing it but overall can't wait for season 2.

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