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Apparently if we just scream aloud enough we're gonna get what we want like the Schneider cut but yeah I don't know how long it's been we've all been saying we want moon night I think since like the short started with the MCU phase one right we want a five minute short moon night we need something with moon night maybe they mentioned them that's the dude in Cairo and you know the Winter Soldier we don't know we just want the character to happen please give us the character that seems to be every report you see on moon night and apparently we were gonna get moon night in iron fist season two yeah okay um but we're not we're not now getting them and essentially what they said that look when they were working on the early version of the series or the season I should say I'm serious I guess for you people in England cuz you guys name your stuff weird they're they wanted to include moon night but it didn't fit the story of the timing so they subsequently went
back and rewrote some stuff and he's not gonna be in it from what we know so far but it tells you that at some point he was somehow gonna show up right maybe it wasn't gonna be moon night maybe it was gonna need marc spector but I think what this tells us is look they're playing with the idea and they're moving forward with this now remember Punisher for a long time was rumored and they wanted to shove his cameo somewhere in the early daredevil season one and start over you don't play with the idea but they removed extract that's gonna feel to shoehorned in they're doing the same with Moon Knight now so who's to say that you know come New York Comic Con or something this fall they're not gonna announce oh he's coming up and maybe he'll show up in another series which is very realistically possible at this stage and I
think that's honestly the best way to handle it because realistically thinking about it you probably want to introduce the character first at a more grounded level as Marc Spector and then spin them off from there and honestly we've had him mentioned once already but it's the blade series that was on Spike TV and that got canceled it was made by geoff johns believe it or not look it up I'm not lying to you it was a good series so maybe well it just keeps even and we're gonna get what we want that's sarcasm though just be polite and keep voicing our opinions and we're gonna get it we got it with runaways got it with cloak-and-dagger and all the defenders that we've been saying we want series based on these characters so at some point movement and blade are coming we just gotta be persistent

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