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So with the marvel cosmic side up in flux I guess when it comes to the one and only James got not being there anymore a lot of rumors are starting to spring up to what exactly the direction of them seem cosmic is going to be so we don't really know how they're gonna handle what the future holds but certainly I think there's one character that many people want to come back with another movie that's already wrapped up a trilogy and we know Disney and Marvel have previously said look we want to focus on trilogies when it comes to our main standalone characters but maybe they can make an exception and of course I am talking about Thor I think most people can agree that Thor was a great movie it was low budget but it did what he needed to throw in a dark world it's usually in people's least favorites like in the top to type an Iron Man generally and
then there's, of course, Thor Ragnarok which most people will agree probably the best Thor movie I know under splendid people that don't like it cuz too much comedy and stuff and everything was played for laughs but I think most people agree that's the best shot best looking and the best Thor movie we've gone with the tightest script so you know if that's what you want more of I guess we might be getting more because the rumors are saying that Thor could be the one to continue specifically that Chris Hemsworth who doesn't really have a franchise under his own name that's not the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be interested in title a TV who of course actually directed the movie has expressed interest in it and if you need somebody to kind of take the reins for a cosmic
and crazy side from James Gunn who is better than Tycho right I think everybody suggested him already for guardians and I certainly think he would be a perfect choice to continue that but honestly you could really just do Thor or why don't you spin off someone to cosmic characters in width or and make it another bunny movie you know you could easily team up with star-lord or someone else and tell a completely different tale and I think it would work because the sub story an infinity war was Thor teaming up with a tree in our raccoon so there's already that precedent and I think people would naturally just gravitate towards that if it wants to happen so realistically is this gonna happen it's hard to say but it probably Marvel's best interest if they're trying to scramble around figuring out what the next step is

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