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so you and Joe quickly talked about the idea that Marvel Studios and Marvel TV could be becoming one entity now I've heard about this as well elsewhere so it's an interesting idea because I think what they want to inevitably do is leave Marvel to run just Marvel Comics yeah and Marvel Studios to run everything because then you could have easier synergy between your TV and movie sites because it would all be run under literally one branch and not three different branches coming into a under Disney so I mean so so not three people running two separate divisions you buttheads exactly so that they want I tell my guns yes they do so realistically I think even if that like that announcement or that deal was to be complete this year I think the time they would announce that would be with the rest of the you know oh yeah from what I've heard if it's gonna happen it'll be when the merge is done yah it'll be around that time right because you know everyone wants a crossover they no even wants a crossover they want to do cross yeah if this happens Wow and here's the bigger thing Bob Iger has stressed look we're developing we're gonna be developing TV series based on x-men and those you know properties when we get them
now here's the thing if Kevin Feige is running the x-men and he has this you know Charles and stuff in there and suddenly there's a brand of x-men running around on TV but Charles never acknowledges him or crosses over with them you're running into a major problem kind of like the gift that had to do this whole thing where the x-men are now dead and it's like oh okay I see what you're doing because of the whole you know confusing thing because Fox Studios is producing the movies but Marvel TV is producing the x-men TV series so they can't have that direct you know tie-in to the movies which is unfortunate so you can see the way he was talking about it they want everything Marvel under one roof because if Kevin Feige is running everything and he calls the shots even on TV man are we gonna get that crossover everybody wants like Secret Wars is probably gonna happen at that stage and it's gonna say just don't expect it to work both ways it will be one way it'll be TV going to movies yes not get I mean like you might get a Charles Xavier on a TV show kind of like how you've got Sam Jackson old but you're not gonna get like
spider-man in daredevil you're right daredevil in spider-man and you'll get like that you'll get like whoever the next Captain America is he'll briefly crossover because you know TV actor like Sebastian Stan you cuz he does a lot of TV and he's worked with ABC before they could easily get him for a one-off appearance to appear in something would like you know younger people and that that'll set it up but you know that's just wouldn't the Jesus comes back I'm excited by it because Marvel Studios seems to be I guess delivering what more and more people want and you know they got to hear it all the time because every time and nobody's interviewed for the movies dark so when are we gonna get a TV crossover and Kevin Feige just like rolls his eyes and internally screams it's like he has that Amy Pascal face you know every TV actor no how would you do a crossover and I would do it like this I'd want to fight this person mark the other side they oh they didn't think of that already I've already got a mapped out for God's sake leave me alone so I guess that uh that small side section
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