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so more and more actors keep coming to the aid of James gun issuing their frustration and support for the director we've already had a majority of the big important cast at least four guardians of the galaxy already sign off on a piece of paper saying look we want him back we support him he's changed Dave Batista's made his up feelings felt way more than anybody else and then we've had Kurt Russell now Kurt Russell of course played ego I don't think he's coming back but he's worked with the man and Kurt Russell is one of these actors that have been around people know who he is you know like he has a certain weight he carries to his name so when he says something a lot of people, okay you know well that's a guy who's been around for a while and even he's given his support to
James Gunn and issuing his frustration when how things were handled and honestly at some point you got to think that Disney's taking notice of this I mean I'm no like a magician or wizard I can see into stuff like you know be a fly on the wall or something but this has to have been a huge issue and the fact that there's so much support against this thing has to take notice but ultimately it's their decision and it doesn't matter to them if you're an actor if you're another director if you're the executive producer it's the higher-ups at Disney that are making these final calls and that's where things get interesting because
if you have all these people that in your movie and people that have worked for you or more work for you in future movies and suddenly you do something like this where nobody supports you that might make them reluctant in the future we know that's happened before I mean hey after Edward Norton and Hugo Weaving really started talking down to Disney right how many Disney movies have they been in yeah see so it's gonna be a really interesting time to see how does he's gonna handle this and all the straw that's been brought with firing gun you
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