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So it looks like we're probably gonna get green lantern sooner or later from DC but who's gonna be playing the character ever since we heard the announcement of the upcoming decrease light which at this point seems like an eternity ago we need that Green Lantern Corp what's going to be one of the big movies now what exactly were they gonna be doing with this was it gonna be a sort of soft reboot what happened before would Ryan Reynolds was gonna be continuation a full-on reboot you know we still don't really know we know Geoff Johns is behind it again but this time fully unlike the last time but the actor I think that's the big part you could say that everybody wants to know and in recent weeks their spin too big rumors have kind of popped up and this is the fact that they seem to want either Matt Damon or Tom Cruise depending on which uh I guess outlet you go to and this is one of those interesting things where I don't know how to feel about this or any of
these sources because let's be real Tom Cruise I think he's awesome what woman everything he's in all of his movies always have since I moved to United States rivers I want to watch the first Mission Impossible but the thing with Tom Cruise is he's already old he can only keep doing these stunts for so long and he can only push his body so much further right why would you want to put yourself back into a corner just like you did with Ben Affleck by you casting someone much older right does that make sense Matt Damon younger but he's still pushing up the older age where if you're gonna do a trilogy and take a decade do you see what I'm saying here right if you cast a to year old even a year old by the time they're we're wrapping up the stroller G so it's kind of weird to me right um I just don't get it and let's be real Tom Cruise doesn't necessarily push box office I know you're gonna to bring up Mission Impossible like I said I love those movies but how did the mummy do how do some of his other movies do where he's not playing the same character you know but the big name after being attached to something to try to make it big does it really happen anymore right I mean Robert Downey jr. you could have argued ah man this dude is huge ACK they're like come on look at this after iron man everybody wants them then you put them in some movies and they didn't do so good she's like that's good I'll go back to the Marvel Universe right so that's the argument here um I don't know how valid these you know casting calls or anything is if they want Tom Cruise that's great I'll be there a daily one but I would rather they go somewhat younger and uh you know to give someone else a chance

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