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Using the MCU you know specifically talked about the fact that do I think that Marvel is going to use magneto Charles and the characters we've seen already already going to try to do a homecoming now of course homecoming you guys know a Marvel and Sony sat down they were I cook um we can't go over what we've done before Uncle Ben's been shot twice in a decade can't put that in there what else we got Norman Osborn throw out Norman Osborn when MJ throb when MJ MJ the v MJ okay I know we got different MJ but it's a completely different character so think about it all do they want to do that again with the x-men and I think the answer is yes because this might piss some people off but being real with you the Fox x-men are not the x-men they missed a point on just about every iteration of those characters other than first class and the gifted so they're not talking about all the social commentary and what it means to be an x-men what they're in you know what they represent
why'd it exist why they wear all those bright colors the movies seem to ignore that and that's a big point of contention for the x-men and when you start thinking that the characters have been in all the movies every movies about Wolverine Charles and Magneto so once again what are you gonna do um you have to in some way shape or form use these characters but they can't resemble the characters we've seen which kind of puts you at a weird problem area because it's like well you need the x-men you need Charles and you need Magneto and eventually you need Wolverine but you've just had them for two decades so that's a problem um and when you really start thinking about it that way they're going to have to take certain liberties and I know people might be mad with that but expect changes that are pretty significant just like homecoming to happen because you can't give the people the same thing and you can't just drop something that looks significantly so different and you can't even identify it that's why I homecoming you can tell that's Peter but they're handling his stuff
differently because it's a different iteration it's kind of like The Ultimates was to who the six one six version was so when you really start looking at it that way realistically you have to expect changes don't forget I made a video months ago where the Russo brothers were in an interview and a lot of people looked over it but they said when this is all said and done we start playing with it we're really excited about the unexpected nature and casting for what's to come they've already said in interviews there's gonna be a lot of headlines because there's gonna be a lot about of left field castings and I think they want to get people ready for it because you can't be the same you just can't so you got to be different and different is gonna alienate a lot of people they've grown up like myself but they can't let go of the past

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