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yeah no you're fired yeah no we're just gonna keep everything you did yep yeah yeah goodbye so Oh Guardians three well the good news is James Gunn was done with the script and they were about to enter the Euro II pre-production so when he got fired a lot of people were worried including myself oh um this is gonna be bad they're gonna scrap his script because they want to take his name off of it according to new reports from variety and various other sources this isn't happening they're gonna keep James Stone script his name will stay on there as somebody that helped the movie he's just not gonna direct it so okay um you know there's no reason to believe that they haven't met with him you know Disney and Marvel that they haven't met with James doesn't talk to him he's gonna get a payout of his seven to ten million dollar reported fee why would you want to scrap a script if he has a pretty decent one right so keep his name on there
I guess to get rid of him it's still his script so people aren't going to turn away necessarily but it's not him directing which might cause some conflict which honestly the long run is better than just having a giant rewrite and everything and delaying the movie and all that so things are gonna hook interesting for this film now on one hand I can't understand why they did it on the other it feels a little petty because you fired him why don't you scrap his work no we're gonna keep that because we believe that's great so you could stand behind what he wrote and what he did but you can't stand behind a bunch of tweets that resulted in nothing I mean yeah there was the pictures too and it's a themed party I've talked about that so now what a messy situation this has been you know what just hope for the best just hope the guardians three is amazing you know that's really we can ask for now
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