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The newest additions to Dead or Alive 6’s roster, Leifang and Hitomi, have been revealed ahead of Gamescom 2018.

Leifang and Hitomi have joined the roster for Dead or Alive 6. The two fighters were teased a couple of weeks ago, following the Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament at EVO 2018. The reveal trailer showcases both fighters, alongside a brand new stage.

The trailer highlights Leifang’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan, with the character using “a variety of effective holds to gracefully counter enemy attacks,” and Hitomi’s karate that utilises “speed, power, and a long reach to take down opponents thanks to a straight punch that is equally beautiful and terrifying,” making for a combo of offensive and defensive moves “in one smooth strike.”

The new stage on display, Forbidden Fortune, pits fighters against one another on a derelict pirate ship filled with booty and booby traps, and guarded by a giant Kraken.

The dynamic level will see the ship being tossed about as the Kraken gets more incensed, with the gunpowder strewn across the area catching fire as debris flies around causing sparks.

It’s not shy about getting involved in the action and snatching up fighters in its huge tentacles either, as demonstrated in the trailer.

Leifang and Hitomi join the growing roster of characters, which you can check out here.

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