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The saga of James Gunn and guardians of the galaxy continues with a new drama filled tweet from actor Dave Bautista the actor tweeted out Friday and compared his current employer Disney to Donald Trump in the post he shared an article from Screen Rant criticizing the decision and not to rehire James Gunn which was made official just a bit ago and he said quote thanks Disney making America great again obviously the guardians of the galaxy cast has talked about their displeasure for not bringing back James Gunn and they even released that big cast letter that we know they all sign and they were all participating in but of the cast Dave
Bautista has been obviously the most outspoken against Disney even going so far that people are kind of questioning whether the actual company will keep him on board as Drax the destroyer and with this new tweet things could get pretty dicey because Disney typically doesn't like people really kind of no calling them out especially Talent they're actually employing so who knows what this could lead to Batista has obviously said that he's going to fulfill his contractual obligation should Disney want him back for guardians but if they didn't use James Gunn's script and he would just quit outright in the report that clarified that Disney would not be rehiring gun after
they sat down with him this past Tuesday variety did mention that James Gunn's script might be used in some capacity but whoever they'd bring on to direct the film would likely take other Passover at it and change elements of the story so what do you guys think about this do you agree with Batista that a lot of the stuff that has gone down in this whole James Gunn's situation you just can't let it slide or do you think that he's taking it a bit too far at this point even comparing Disney to Trump

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