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Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are still happening and the AB release dates for now so I think many of you have already heard that things are weird at Fox, to say the least, there's been a lot of conflicting reports regarding the future of the x-men universe um certainly it seems that there's going to be some trouble and that there has been trouble and things are definitely shifting with the whole Disney acquisition well Imax recently published their but grew a schedule for Imax it's tentacles what it is it's always subject to change last year when they did this on there was movies on there too ended up getting shifted like a lead-up battle angel so things can always change but you know fox has told them they look these movies are
still on our radar and they're coming out and a lot of people are naturally looking at this going well yeah movies are back on and while that is true things can always change at the flip of a coin right so the thing with Dark Phoenix and New Mutants is this that the movies are coming out for now but if things don't progress the way they you know are intended to or something happens things could change but honestly Fox is still operating the exact same way that they've been operating and that we know they were going to operate for the better part of the last Dino months since the acquisition was announced they have to operate
like nothing is happening because there's still a chance a slim chance that the government could say no and then they find themselves in an interesting position where he might have scrapped a bunch of stuff and now they gotta fight for it so hmm it's interesting because like I keeps telling you guys and things can always change so for now bet on Dark Phoenix and New Mutants coming out but if it's not in Disney's best interest to release some when they're out you're when they buy them what would be the point you know Captain Marvel hey scrawls Dark Phoenix hey scrawls looking things both now Disney movies that's a conflict of interest

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