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years upon years of complaining about it we have finally been acknowledged and yes thorn of dark world is bad Hey look we're not the only ones talking about it right we're not the only ones saying hey that movie's terrible Chris Hemsworth that's right Thor himself has come out said yeah the movies pretty mad the first one is great the second one hey the third one, of course, Ragnarok that's the good one that's the one everybody loves although I let you let me backtrack that I shouldn't say everybody there's a lot of people that think and wanted off direction and they try to make it too much our guardians because it uh popularity of Guardians I'll agree with you there but I'll you know it's one thing one the after who's in the movies comes out says look now the last movie we did was great but the one before it who and of course I think most of you by now know what happened on Patty Jenkins, of course, responsible for Wonder
Woman she was originally gonna direct the dark world put a more bigger emphasis on female leads but it didn't go that way and then they you know got rid of her I believe he was as Alan Taylor I think that's the name to accustom my mind I don't know why I'm blanking on this one it's the dark world you guys you guys know I try not to talk about it you know that movie he came on did what he could from Game of Thrones but it just wasn't a movie that many people liked and subsequently I went back and watched it and it's not the worst thing ever but it has its problems and I'm glad when the actors in these movies are confident enough that they come out you know and say look we made mistakes the thing wasn't necessarily good it didn't go the way we wanted it to but we learnt from it and we changed we adapted and we saw what people wanted and gave them more of that now store Ragnarok the perfect movie no but it certainly takes a lot of inspirations
from Jack Kirby and I think that's what they should have done from the beginning and when you look at the first Thor movie it was made on a shoestring budget more or less compared to the rest of the stuff and it came out of time where people were laughing at the idea of Thor and Captain America being able to even sustain a name and pop culture and then you have Thor come out and actually make a box-office splash though each torturing him being one of the coolest characters in the Avengers that's a lot so for our character like Thor who nobody thought was gonna have a successful movie career pretty important and when the actor comes out says the same thing we've been saying we just feel like you know they're one of us and it honestly feels good that they can acknowledge look we made a mistake but we went back and fixed it

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