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So according to my calculations which are expertly calculated by finest Scientologists the Boyka Guardians movement started approximately three seconds after it was confirmed that James Gunn isn't returning yep I get it to let me start off there I get why many people are gonna want to boycott guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn was fired and what many people actors other people in Hollywood studios pretty much you know majority of people agree it was unjust because there was no proof of him doing anything after people like Kevin Spacey even though he was being investigated things were going on and there at that keep them on and they're Pixar's on Lester he was kept on due to allegations of certain things and other studios keep on actors to have allegations of things and have done things I mean Johnny Depp's the prime example
right I've talked about Josh Brolin CF studios are playing so people already start to turn on Marvel Studios and Gardens the saying we're boycotting you now we're boycotting you because you're firing him without really an investigation it doesn't even seem like you gave him a chance and now you're using his script and you're using his ideas but he's not there and I've already talked about this James Gunn is the heart and soul of guardians & because he writes it with the music that inspires him and uses his own real life and puts that in there you can't just kind of copy that and they're gonna use this script but if someone else is gonna direct his style seems a little weird so I understand the boycott and honestly good for you guys if you could stick with
it if you can stick with it and not see this movie props to you um you know how many times have you seen we're not supporting the new call of duty we're not scheming groups let's make forums based on this alright let's see how it does Danny upon release you go into the steam group percent of users are playing and you call of duty people boycotting it remember boycott solo we don't like the last job I better boycott Han Solo I'm gonna tell you it's terrible by watching the movie taking a picture of me in the theater you can't do that so stay away from the movie and stick to your guns.
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