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So the latest rumors for adventures for are saying that the dead aren't exactly gonna stay dead for long and that one of them is going to return back permanently okay so let's talk about the way this rumors so in case you guys don't know Avengers still all over the place when it comes to what we think it is and what it might end up being of course from time travel to alternate universes time vortexes - we don't even know what they're gonna be doing there's a lot of stuff in there that we're just kind of trying to work through all the details but we don't exactly know what they're telling us and certainly when it comes to the MCU characters that died and during the fingers snap and or before that there's a lot of characters fan favorites specifically that aren't around anymore and a rumor that strode up lately is the fact that at least one character is going to be permanently resurrected from the dead and he's going to have a very bright future in the MCU now automatically I think there's a few obvious choices on who this can be and to
me personally I think they're hinting at Loki and I've heard some stuff about Loki as well personally so that's why I'm going with that one um essentially Tom Hiddleston he got a sign for cheap and extended his contract but even that was relatively cheap compared to some of the other ones and honestly people loved Loki like he's cosplayed everywhere he has such a big following you know he's not even really a villain following anymore everybody just loves them in general so why wouldn't you keep that character around specifically if you can play around with him more maybe even you know since he's kind of redeemed himself why don't you team him up with someone like Doctor Strange or something I think I would be honestly awesome you know two people that do different types of magic would be gray maybe he could take Scarlet Witch or someone under her you know under his wing and teach her the ways of magic um I think that would be cool and certainly I think he has the ability
to become something bigger than because then he spends so far now on the other hand I think also Thor might be a safe bet Chris Hemsworth doesn't exactly have any big franchises you know other than Thor so he's probably not asking for Robert Downey jr. money and he's just expressed very much that he wants to stay as Thor so if you can lock that do it in there for another three to six movies and make them up and you know constant that carries on because hey Thor is not aging right so you got that the aging technology makeup can always do it good - you could relatively keep Thor around for the next decade and having be a core member of the Avengers kind of at the elder right and I think that would work just as well so that's my guess as to what the rumors are pointing to but I am gonna stick with Loki just because that's what I've heard about
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