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So Marvel Studios is talking to okay you pronounce that because I'm not gonna once it's not happening me I mean Tristan you French taking it but it I think it's Antoine Fuqua that's what I was so okay so aunt Antoine I guess we'll call him um talking to Marvel Studios he sees he's talking to them about something but we don't know what so okay people automatically jumped to the obvious it's gotta be blade already that's where I've seen everybody go to it's gotta be blade I'm like why that's because it's a black person I'm like okay well I guess if that's how we're gonna play that route it's clearly gave me blue Marvel yeah sure oh damn Adam brushy yeah I mean who do you realistically think they could do honestly play model really you think they could go into boom Marvel as a movie I'm fully expecting it set up yeah yeah yeah Marvel one good setup for Ultimates huh okay Wow is your follow-on from the Black Panther my diversity might win for them you know you bloom are was Black Keys smart scientist he's super strong he's cosmic hmm that's an interesting idea okay I never really thought about that but I mean if that was the kind of beer I think that would be cool I know for some people I've talked to that we're talking about blade I must like look blade is not a movie franchise I'm sorry but start forgetting you don't forget that blade is gonna be on Langley probably or something yeah he's TV yeah I think that's really it whether it's Netflix or Hulu we'll find out mm-hmm no we're we did direct well yeah it's gonna be one of these two things and when I start looking at the whole Marvel Studios kind of I guess template going forward you can tell that you know they want to diversify everything which honestly kind of makes me more excited because it's like I want to see more franchises that I'm and I'm not just talking about diversifying with skin color or females right
I'm talking about diversifying the genres you're tackling so yeah I think there's a big possibility that it could deliver a lot of interesting stuff that not many people are expecting which is really what I want so mmm so st. Patriot I think Patriot you say for a young Avenger sir yeah you know we know they're gonna have Cassie Lang and Avengers they'll no doubt have like Kate Bishop I can see they're coming in somewhere mmm captain Marvel's setting up the scroll so you've got whole chling right there I don't know how they're gonna do light speed and Wiccan after me for but they'll no doubt find a way to somehow yup that's what I do and I just save that for a team a movie but no I I'd like this to be for a blue Marvel movie you know it could very well be for like Miss Marvel or something like that but I'd imagine they get a woman for directing that movie mm-hmm I said I don't know who else there's a ton of night diverse Marvel characters I just can't think who would fit into what they're aiming for the minute the only one I've realized we marvel yet I mean I could see it and then I'll be excited by I just think you know the way Marvel was playing with these franchises I think when they inevitably make that announcement next year I think there's gonna be a lot of shock in there and you know like it's kind of gonna be like when they announced Inhumans and put up the logo people like what really yeah I think this time we're gonna like put up a couple of those logos we're gonna make wait okay I guess sure go with it you know like but yeah that'd be the Eternals never be like that's gonna get demoted to a TV show and there's gonna be suck no no yeah that's true yeah you know
that's gonna happen but whatever is last on their announcement is going to add that's clearly the team's of this thinking the reason they haven't said anything about phase four is because they're banking on the x-men and Fantastic Four coming yup I think that's oh yeah that's not nice we announced everything last time we had any humans and that kind of backfired on us let's just hold off a minute and then yeah cuz I mean if the deal is done anytime before San Diego comic-con and dthey have that then they know and they can back ok realistically we can finish a script within six months cast it by a year from now and get the movie out a year from then so August you could see the first x-men are fantastic more movie already it's a go oh wow you know that because Marvel Studios moves fast I mean spider-man is shooting right now and right now you know like the movies less than a year away so they have a really quick turnaround on how they pump these things out because it's a complete studio dedicated to that exact job so you know saying they preface as well didn't I said I already have like oh yeah a lot of stuff done I just got a film the live-action they've actually been doing that ever since Ironman one before Disney ever acquired them like they were finishing pre-visualization on Iron Man flying before they even had an actor in the role because they knew what the suit was gonna look like so it's like you think is that what they showed at comic-con yep when they announced that maybe I'll like his him flying yeah so like I think Marvel Studios is gonna kind of blow people away and I mean you and Joe talked about this on the UH you know the main podcast but I'll kind of tied into this since we're talking about your Marvel Studios
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