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the more we find out about the Justice League the more we find out it was a different movie pretty much every point in its I guess existence so let's talk about that so we recently found out that the Justice League was actually going to feature the return of Superman right at the beginning of the movie and the actual end battle we see not too long with Stefan Wolfe the one we see with Superman happening in the middle of a tropical Assam that was actually supposed to be towards the beginning at one point and from then on you know Superman if we kind of just look at the story and how would have been Superman would have obviously been bad it would have been controlled by Darkseid and kind of molded and twisted by Steppenwolf and the two would have teamed
up to kind of do some destruction and damage up until the end where Superman turns good turns on him and in Darkseid would have showed up so once again um you know we don't really know how far into developing the movie this would have been but it's rather interesting considering that that's a lot of stuff you have to explain how Superman comes back right at the beginning of the movie and then build up the rest of it and it certainly forms a different picture for what the film would have been the structure of in what Superman would have been like now obviously we know exact Snyder didn't want that and they went back and we shot the
scenes how they did before he ever even left so it's hard to say how much this would have changed stuff but just from the initial sounds of it Superman would have been once again evil and they didn't want that he wanted a more hopeful Superman so we got the version we got or the version before that the Snyder cut before he rewrote what joss whedon reshot madness movie had a lot of reshoot so and changes in it's a you know inevitable inception but overall it sounds like it would have been a departure from I think what a lot of people wanted even the ones devoted to the Snyder cut so I don't know how to feel about this one it'd be interesting to see it but Superman being a villain for an entire day of the movie I just don't think anybody wants to see that

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